Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TMA 4, TMA 5, TMA 6 Pre-Orders Are Live!

Tycho Magnetic Anomalies is excited to finally open pre-orders for TMA 4, 5, and 6

First up is Bath House from Wolf Fluorescence.

Bath House from Wolf Fluorescence is tape number three from TMA. We are very excited to open pre-orders of this tape to the masses. Bath House is an ambient dream come to take you to the some of the more pleasant climes that TMA offers noise mongers everywhere.

Limited to just 50 hand numbered copies...

Order by itself here

Hear the tape below:
TMA 5 is the latest from Planning For Burial. Quietly is three new tracks of droning, gloomy, pop bliss set to cassette tape with exquisite artwork courtesy of Niels Geybels (Sequences). Some of the best work from this solo project to date. Don't take our word for it... check it out below.

Limited to just 55 Hand numbered copies.

Order by itself here

TMA 6, is an extremely limited one song 3.5" floppy disc from Planning For Burial (yeah we know... 3.5" floppies are ridiculous and not tapes, but they still are a magnetic medium). This sucker is limited to 12 and we have just 8 copies available to the general public and only through this pre-order package here.

If you miss out on that hyper limited package, but want all the stuff in the package minus the floppy, get that here

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